Los 20 Videos Tutoriales para Aprende Flair

Video 3- Flat From Behind The Back

Video 4- The Swipe Thru

Video 5- Same Arm Flat Behind the Back

Video 6- Swipe Thru Circle

Video 7- Tin Work

Video 8- The Shadow Pass

Video 9- Back of the Hand Cradle

Video 10- Swipe Thru Add-On

Video 11- Swipe Thru Behind Back Exchange

Video 12- Push Down Pop Up

Video 13- Tin Double Same Hand Behind Head

Video 14- Figure 8 Whit Bounce Cut

Video 15- Around The Head Grip Change

Video 16- Tomhawk Swipe Thru

Video 17- Tin Catch on Bottle w/Lift-off

Video 18- Double Flat Back To Front

Video 19- Inverse Across The Body

Video 20- Buildin A Routine

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